A bit of giving …

I met a homeless man and his puppy yesterday.

The pup was precious.  Big paws and brown eyes.

I had stopped to find my cell phone (which had fallen underneath the passenger seat) and the sweet beast greeted me when I opened my door.

It was a chilly morning and I noticed that the man was wearing a back pack and had only one thin blanket over his shoulders.  I imagined them working to keep each other warm in the night and my heart simply broke.

I immediately realized that I had a few dog provisions in the car.

First, my Lulu’s coat.

It is pink and white and it’s been with us for years.

But at that moment, I realized the most important thing was that the little puppy have it.  I pulled it out of the back and walked up to the man.  He was so thrilled.  I worried about the colors (because the pup was male),  but he said “the colors don’t matter, it will definitely keep him warm”.

I then went back to the car and found a couple of bones and a sweet little toy.

When I returned to the curb, the puppy was warm and cozy and seemed so happy.

He saw the bones in my hand and was thrilled.

When I left them, bear cub (the puppy) was happily chewing a bone and the man had gone into the store to get coffee with a few dollars I had given him.

As I pulled away, I realized that it’s when we step out of ourselves – our worries and our ego’s, that it is possible to truly be happy.

Love is in the giving and in the knowledge that you just may have made a difference in someone’s life no matter how small.

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