Time after time …

When I was younger I never thought about time.

It seemed endless and forgiving.

But as I grew older I realized time is finite.

And I wondered, how does one go from being a ingénue

to a blossomed 40 something?

The years seem somewhat dream like.

It’s as if one blink brought me forward 3 decades.

When I was 16 I longed for eighteen.

When eighteen I longed for 21.

And, at 21 I simply had longing …

Now, at 42, I desire –

a life filled with purpose

a heart full of love


moments of beauty


unadulterated joy.

So, I now know that I must forge a mindful peace with time.

And, in doing so, I will relish every second, minute and hour that the universe blesses upon me.


4 thoughts on “Time after time …

  1. Sweet girl. When you find out, please let me know. I went from Prom Queen, to 47 in 20 minutes, it seems.

    It is beautiful that you grasp the value of time. It is the one thing we can never buy, can never spend enough of, and never have back.

    Love to you!

    • I didn’t always know the value of time. It’s something that has recently really sunk in. I had an epiphany of sorts. Basically, I want to experience every moment of my life and live wholly and mindfully. Isn’t it odd how quickly it truly does go?

      Love to you too, sweets!

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