A wee rant …

I am cranky.

I am going into hospital on Monday for a spot of surgery and my doctor requires two days of clear liquids prior. When I was younger this would have been nothing. However, right now it’s cause for a transcendental feeling, topped with a frosting (note the food reference)of viciousness.

Now, I wouldn’t find this as distressing if I weren’t also feeling somewhat tantrumy (my word of course). That’s right, I am tantrum girl this evening. it  all starts with a foot stomp. Which is then accompanied by a bit of a whine (okay, it’s more than a bit, but I’m in denial).

On the bright side I found a delightful pair of slippers to wear while in hospital. I simply despise the standard issue, somewhat creepy socks.

Just a wee rant.

Carry on.

2 thoughts on “A wee rant …

  1. I am so sorry you have to have more surgery! Praying all is well, and all goes well. Liquids two days? That seems a bit much. Sending love and many warm wishes, that the time pass quickly, and the surgery be gentle on your body, and all be well. XO

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