Eastern Heat …

It’s hot ..

The air is thick and pulsates with life.

One almost expects primordial ooze to begin flowing from the cracks in the sizzling pavement.

There is a damp, somewhat earthy scent to the air.

It’s as if the earths core energy has been released.

And, with each breath you take, you inhale bits of Ra’s soul.

I struggle to free myself from the Gods grasp

so that I may return once again to the cool, dark, deliciousness of inside.

Where the ever-present hum of whirred, cool air, offers blessed sanctuary and release.

Why …

I sometimes wonder about the why’s of life.

Why do we let ourselves fall into an emotional life with some and not with others.

Why do relationships end?

Does it do any good to even try to figure such things out?

When love is forsaken how do you go on?

Does time heal all wounds, or do we heal them ourselves with time?

Where does the love go once it’s no longer shared?

Does it float gently into the ether and linger softly around us as spiritual dew?

Or does it permeate others who are in the new and lovely phase of knowing.

Pollinating souls …

What of the residue that lingers? Why does it do so?

And, how do we protect ourselves from repeating the pain again?

I am thoughtful, and it’s at times like this that I truly wish I knew the ‘why’ of it all.

If only the universe would share its secrets.

If only my heart could rise above …




Until all I feel is the wispy tendrils of clouds, as they curl lightly about me.


Once upon a time …

.. two people shared laughter over a mirror and an apple..

Small bits of intimate beauty and purity

that only lovers understand.

One day the princess found a magical book , old, not new.

Bound bits of paper that had been well-loved and coveted by others before her.

She presented the book to the prince, as a token of her affection, inscribing it as such:

“Thank you for reminding me that it’s always about the apple and the mirror”

Thinking that this small remembrance would be treasured always and ever after.

But the princess learned that there truly is no always.  However, she held those past bits of laughter and luminosity close to her heart.

And, although the end came, and the token is gone, she hopes that somewhere inside Prince Charming will remember …

Summer Heat …

I knew from the very first moment

that it meant something.

I could feel my taste buds exploding

with the proverbial juices of anticipation.

My senses heightened,

as the smell of cologne,

mingling with warm male skin,

enveloped me.

Distracted moments of newness

silenced vocalization


my inner voice

began to plead

for touch.

A rich, full-bodied, Summer heat …

Buckle up and keep your hands inside the ride …

Sometimes, now and again I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror


I wonder,

who is that girl?

Drastic change comes with (or so I’ve been told) image crisis. I wouldn’t say I am exactly in ‘crisis’, but I would absolutely admit that there are times I’m not exactly sure who I am any longer.

So, every time I become a bit confused, I’ll simply reintroduce myself to me.

It will go something like this:

“Hello, you’re new around these parts aren’t you?” “Why yes, yes I am. It’s lovely to meet you, I’m Candice (and sometimes I even let others call me Candy. Although that’s rare).” Then I will smile and move along with my day. I sometimes feel it’s akin to ‘Fifty First Dates’, where the girl is introduced to her life and self, every morning. The only difference, there’s no brain damage affecting me, instead physical change and emotional growth.

I’ve decided the most important piece of this puzzle is the enjoyment factor.

So, I’ve entered the ride and fastened my seat belt. It’s time to hold on and squeal with glee (literally and figuratively).

Change. Health. Happiness. Fulfillment.

An E – ticket attraction if ever there was one.