Know it all …

I know quite a bit.

I listen and take in (to some surprise) what most people say. Intimates, acquaintances and strangers alike. It’s simply a ‘thing’ with me.  I also tend to remember what is said, in detail. Another oddity, but quite true.

So, with that qualifier here is my question – is it important to press a matter when you know you’re right?

Should one let go even though they’re quite sure of what they’re speaking about if another simply refuses to listen or believe?

When does being right become detrimental to relationships, life, love and perhaps even sanity?

Most who know me will tell you that I am a ‘know it all’. And, it’s quite true. I’m the first to admit this. I’m also quite opinionated as well (this is rhetorical, so if you know me, there is NO need for response, capiche?).  But, my opinions stem from moments of truth, moral responsibility and particularly situations where dire consequences may come to play. It’s my personality. So sue me (okay, don’t really).

I am passionate, compassionate, outspoken and stubborn. All rolled up in a sweet flaky pastry shell.

Huh, am I making any sense?

At this point you’re more than likely trying to figure out what the point or moral of the story is. Right? Well, there truly isn’t one. I believe I am simply trying to put something into perspective within my mind and soul. And, of course, I would like to ultimately find the answer of how to let things go.


3 thoughts on “Know it all …

  1. My defining moment, (because I too, have a memory that is like a sponge, and it frustrates others) of when my need to be right, ends, does not so much rely on my need to be right, or even my need for peace, as many like to say, but in looking at the other person in such a way, that their refusal to even contemplate they could be wrong, leaves me cold. I can debate with the best of minds, but not with the smallest of them. When I am wrong i will freely admit it, but my memory, my complete attention to detail, and my empiricism, seldom let me down.

  2. You’ve got to let the bird go free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours, and if not it never was yours to begin with. There’s a metaphor that relates to letting go of your need to prove yourself in there somewhere. Give them time…

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