A wee rant …

I am cranky.

I am going into hospital on Monday for a spot of surgery and my doctor requires two days of clear liquids prior. When I was younger this would have been nothing. However, right now it’s cause for a transcendental feeling, topped with a frosting (note the food reference)of viciousness.

Now, I wouldn’t find this as distressing if I weren’t also feeling somewhat tantrumy (my word of course). That’s right, I am tantrum girl this evening. it  all starts with a foot stomp. Which is then accompanied by a bit of a whine (okay, it’s more than a bit, but I’m in denial).

On the bright side I found a delightful pair of slippers to wear while in hospital. I simply despise the standard issue, somewhat creepy socks.

Just a wee rant.

Carry on.

I want to …

be read to in bed

laugh uproariously

be sprinkled with fairy dust

find fulfillment

know the answers

weep from tenderness

whisper sweet nothings

saturate my being with tropical sunshine

listen to the stars

dance barefoot in the living room with a lover

catch snowflakes on my eyelashes

sing off-key


say I love you

wear pretty sandals


become a red-head.

What do you want?

When the spell breaks …

Oh how I wish that spells were never broken.

There’s something so spiritual about being with another while under a beautiful veil.



No one else exists.

Breathless moments of intensity.

Words shared while leaning forward, hoping to simply become a part of another’s space.

Wishing that time would stand still.

I want to press my cheek against warm skin and simply be in that moment.


But spells become broken and the coldness seeps in to dispel the fragrant warmth …

Quiet …

It’s quiet.

I can almost hear the flickering of the candle’s flame.

Thus is the beauty of silence.

A Winter’s eve is perfect for peaceful reflection. 

Such perfection can only be found in moments of absolute stillness. 

It’s when I allow myself to simply


feel my heart beat


dream and let go.

This is when a soul truly knows the difference between alone and lonely.

For such moments insulate, cradle and help us too escape the noise of life.

Don’t fear the quiet. 

Instead, let it envelope you …