Hearts Desire


It’s quiet now.

My mind, which races through the days

slows like molasses.

Darkness permeates the room

allowing me to float effortlessly

above myself.

No restraint, untethered and free.

sparkling bits of universal dust

drift about like fairy magic.

My heart says “make a wish”

Then suddenly, the word appears.

The letters are crisp and clean but with a softness about the edges.


Re-entry into the body is gentle.

There is –





Formation …

Sweet lips of berry

Breath of rose petals

Skin of cream

Heart of delicate glass with miniscule cracks


eyes of an azure sea

She gently waits 

while imparting soft whispers of a dream

into ears of cool clay…


Softly …



I whispered desires into the night. 

As I turned, I felt the breeze catch my softly spoken words and rustle them through the leaves on the trees. 

And I wondered; were the sleeping birds awakened in their nests by this information?

Will they tell?

Dreaming ….

There was darkness. 

I was on the verge of traveling, yet to where I do not know. 

He was there, my first love. 

Even in the dark cold of the icy region I felt protected. 

There was a sense of knowledge and of warm understanding.

He left the safety of the truck to follow me into a home.  Inside were shards of my life.  

There were no lights.  Just a glowing and soundless fireplace.  The flames cast shadows that turned into the faces of those I’d known.  I would reach out to touch them, but before my fingertips could graze the dark masks, they were gone. 

Suddenly, I was outside.  Icy winds whipped furiously, threatening to frost delicate skin.  Yet there was no feeling.  Simply a sense of urgency and the realization that I was in the midst of a funeral.


I wanted to know why.

Looking down I saw a coffin. It was being lowered into a swirling, see green of wetness.  Bits of bone mixed with seaweed assaulted my eyes. 

Turning I reached into the darkness, hoping to connect with the warmth of my lovers body.  But all I felt was my purse. 

Reaching inside I found a pot of pink lipstick. 

Quickly I applied the pink potion to my trembling mouth and knew that it (the lipstick) would hide the fear.

I dreamt of the Arctic. 

An old truck. 

A funeral.  

My first lover and pink lipstick…