Sentimentality …

Sentimental pieces.

An unsent card –

receipts –


dancing ballerina –

memories of moments shared.

I don’t know what to do with them all.

Currently they reside in a neat pile

next to pink leather.

Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like

to be heartless.

Without the inclination to keep happy – Summer windswept bits.

But if I was, would I be the same?

Not likely.

In the place of warmth


frosty maiden.

Cool and controlled.

In the next life?

Perhaps …

Lovers past …

Thank you for the lovely times.

Moments of breathless intimacy


beautiful touch.

All of the hours spent speaking, laughing and sharing moved me.

Bits of humour known only to the two of us will linger within my cells.

Our souls collided for a reason. Whether we understand why or not.

Lessons learned

sweetness cultivated


kisses exchanged.

Warm heaven –

soft and delicious.

Imprints stored within the heart

now unframed yet still matted

surrounded by beating warmth.


But not forgotten.

A moment in a memory …

It was an airport like any other.

Yet this time so different.

You were –

all I saw

all I felt

all I needed.

We were –

suspended in time and space

between a state of

grace and bliss.

There were not enough minutes in the universe

that evening.

I wanted to –

lean into you

breathe you

know you

feel you.

A  late night rendezvous

in the midst of

sleepy travelers

TSA agents


jet fuel.

I never wanted to leave.

Instead, I wished to tenderly press my cheek against your face, forever.

With the hope it would stop the clock.

I turned back and watched you go.

All the while wishing for one more embrace.

Slowly I descended into reality

as you ascended into the sky.

Beauty in a moment and a memory.

First love …

You were my first.

I saw fireworks when we kissed.

Brilliant red and blue skyrocketing behind closed eyes.

I remember our first hours.

Rain, wind and thunder stormed outside as passion and curiosity blossomed in Porsche leather.

I ran scared after that evening.

But you gently persisted.

And then I fought no more.

I remember your words on that fourth of July –

“We are no longer just friends, now we are lovers”

You were my confidant.

Thank you for teaching me that trust and honor did exist.

For giving me peaceful sleep while listening to your heart beat.

Until the very last day of our acquaintance your kiss brought weakness to my knees.

Thank you for loving me.

For whispering words of tenderness in my ears

and giving me a part of your heart …

I know such beauty still exists somewhere.

I will persist …

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?


They make up our being.

Bits and pieces of the past lingering within our brain cells and soul.

First kisses forever  felt

The scent of a gentle Spring rain

Sticky watermelon fingers on a hot Summer day

Rich red velvet cake tickling a taste bud

The scent of  a lovers skin

Moments indelibly burned into our psyches always within our reach should we need them.

They have the ability to comfort and bring warmth on a cold day.  Elicit a smile when you’re feeling blue or produce tears of regret.

When the world seems dreary or simply to hard to take, all that’s needed is a memory to whisk you away to a sunny island of perfection.

Without them we would be a blank slate.

Walking talking beings with only the moment to share. Lacking depth and insightful perception.

Lessons learned, forgotten.

Lovers,  never  remembered.

Laughter, never relived.

Our memories shape our reality and sometimes our dreams.

And, I am so grateful for the gift that they give.