Null and void.

No longer does she wait.

It was but a dream state, that felt like immersion in liquid amber.

Hot, sweet, and tangy, with a dash of salt.

Richly hued and imbued with tones of cotton candy, Crème Brûlée and swirling Sangria.

Now, simply a bowl filled with the remnants of water colours mixed together. Gently graying as each moment ticks by.

When the hues are gone, there will be nothing left.

And parted lips, that so longed to be next, will silently close.

Ending a very long chapter of the heart.

Tell me …

something I don’t know

make it delicious.

Tantalize with your words


spin a web of sin

so that I may catch myself in the silken threads.

Hold me close


sweet nothings

that mean everything.

Talk to me of the stars and their incandescence

whilst waltzing through a dream.

I want to know what it’s like to be entranced, entrenched and enchanted.

Please …

Questions …

Would it be so wrong, if thoughts of me brought you to your knees?

What would it hurt, if my lips were your savior?

Would the world stop spinning on its axis, if the soft sweetness of my skin was your comfort?

Do you believe that my fingertips, trailing across your cheeks, could bring you peace?

Will you let me in?

Hearts Desire


It’s quiet now.

My mind, which races through the days

slows like molasses.

Darkness permeates the room

allowing me to float effortlessly

above myself.

No restraint, untethered and free.

sparkling bits of universal dust

drift about like fairy magic.

My heart says “make a wish”

Then suddenly, the word appears.

The letters are crisp and clean but with a softness about the edges.


Re-entry into the body is gentle.

There is –





First love …

You were my first.

I saw fireworks when we kissed.

Brilliant red and blue skyrocketing behind closed eyes.

I remember our first hours.

Rain, wind and thunder stormed outside as passion and curiosity blossomed in Porsche leather.

I ran scared after that evening.

But you gently persisted.

And then I fought no more.

I remember your words on that fourth of July –

“We are no longer just friends, now we are lovers”

You were my confidant.

Thank you for teaching me that trust and honor did exist.

For giving me peaceful sleep while listening to your heart beat.

Until the very last day of our acquaintance your kiss brought weakness to my knees.

Thank you for loving me.

For whispering words of tenderness in my ears

and giving me a part of your heart …

I know such beauty still exists somewhere.

I will persist …

Fear and Emoting…


Lulu and I just experienced a rather odd and frightening moment.

It’s late, and before retiring I always take her out for a quick potty. 

I walked over to the davenport and she was lying there, completely still.  Usually when I give her a little shake she’ll open her eyes.  However, tonight she did not.  I tried very hard to rouse her, even picking her up and trying to get her to stand, but to no avail.  She simply flopped lifelessly like a rag doll. 

Immediately I began to panic.  Calling her name. Shaking her.  Picking her up.  It seemed like an eternity before she actually opened an eye.  But by this time I was beside myself. 

Words can not express the relief I felt at her movement. 

It took her an extraordinary amount of time to gain complete alertness. 

During these moments, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t live without her. 

The thought of her leaving me one day is incomprehensible. 

She is the one constant in my life.  She brings copious amounts of joy to me, like nothing ever has before. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that we’re co-dependant and symbiotic.  Nope, not at all ashamed.

I just finished cuddling with her (while I cried of course). 

God, if only I could record the way she feels.  And, the way I feel when she curls up next to me.  So that I’d have it (the feeling) when I needed it.  Which would be forever.

The love I receive from the little beast is pure and makes my soul complete…

Ever So Still…



It is quiet and still.

The inane chatter of the world has disappeared and once again I am at peace. 

I long to immerse myself in the earth and let ancient vines wrap themselves around me.  Becoming one, with that which is most holy. 

I want to feel the vibrations of harmony resounding on my fingertips.

 I wish to turn my lips skyward and silently beseech the moon to infuse me with her lunar rays, until the essence spills from my pores.

I wait for the stars to softly whisper their desires in my ear. 

In the cool, dark, damp night, I am free…