Perceptions …

Have you ever wondered how people see you? 

How you’re looked upon by the world?

How we’re perceived?

This evening while spending time with a close friend (my ex as well), I was surprised by an observation that he made. 

We were watching the movie “Must Love Dogs”, when the character Jake spoke of a woman. 

He described her this way:

“oh Charlie you should see this girl.  She’s shy, she’s fragile, she’s self-conscious. She has no idea how beautiful she is. She’s a mess. It’s fantastic.”

At which point my friend patted me on the arm and said “this sounds like someone I know” and smiled.  I was a bit taken a back.  I then asked “is this how you see me, really?”.  The answer a resounding “yes”.  

This slight moment seems to have catapulted me into a place of ‘who am I?’ And how exactly do others see me?

But seeing isn’t always knowing, is it? 

And, there’s something about being known that is slightly unnerving.  Yet, it’s also somewhat intriguing. 

My best friend says that I’m perfume, light and sweetness. 

But is that all they (the ubiquitous they) see?

Should I care?

I suppose the moral to this rather lengthy story is this:

No matter how hard we attempt to hide our vulnerabilities, sooner or later someone is going to get a peek at the inside.

For What It’s Worth…

Even if I took the time to say what is in my soul would it really matter?

Is cruelty inbred or learned?

Are butterflies truly free?

Can you kill with kindness? Shouldn’t we test the theory?

When a desire is exhaled on a breath where does it go?

If you could, would you touch me?

Do you know?

Is there a trail of salt left behind from the tears we cry?  If someone follows it, will it lead them to a rainbow?

When a song is no longer sung softly in the cool dark of night,  does its memory reside in one’s heart?  Or does it slowly dissipate into nothingness?

Would you know the difference between drops of rain and drops of tears when walking in the rain forest?

If you could say one thing, what would it be?

Do you remember everything?  Or will little bits and pieces of  the memories  fall through to the wrinkles,  never to be recalled again?

Are promises real?

If you break a promise do you break a heart?

Sometimes all you need is one word.  But what word would you choose?

Is everyone aware that words can never be forgotten?

Do you care?

A few …


Have you ever felt emotionally saturated? Where your mind and soul have simply reached capacity? Where you can’t conceive that anything else could possibly fit into the being that is you?

Have you ever been judged unfairly?

Do you ever wish that we could read each others minds, simply to know?

Have you ever been filled with words that you could not speak?

Do you ever make a wish and wake every day wondering if it has been granted?

Would you give of yourself if you knew you would receive nothing in return?

Do you ever regret words spoken, knowing that they (words) can be someday forgiven but never forgotten?

Will you go to sleep tonight sated?

Can you build a bridge where none exists?

Have you ever cried out in the night and not known why?

Do you recognize the face that stares back at you in the mirror?

Are you absolutely sure you’re right?



It’s the foundation of  relationships, the essence of all, and the key to the lock that is you.

It’s when you know that someone you care about would never purposefully hurt you in any way,  for any reason. 

It is belief. 

It’s the knowledge that your heart is safe. 

It’s knowing that the ones you hold close and share yourself with will gently take care and cradle you in both the good times and bad.  It is the knowledge that you may share all things without fear of recrimination, judgement or backlash.

It’s the very essence of a bond. 

Without it we have nothing…