Questions …

Would it be so wrong, if thoughts of me brought you to your knees?

What would it hurt, if my lips were your savior?

Would the world stop spinning on its axis, if the soft sweetness of my skin was your comfort?

Do you believe that my fingertips, trailing across your cheeks, could bring you peace?

Will you let me in?

Know better …

When you know better you do better.

When you finally have all the information

you’re able to make a decision –

challenge emotions


find a new way of being.

The majority of people live their lives in a loop.

Doing –

saying –

acting –

reacting –

in the same way over and over.

Time wasted

emotions spent

and the same path tread.

Never quite able to make it out of the never-ending maze.

I won’t be one of those people.

I now know better.

So, I will do better.

I know everything.

I have read the page

it’s black and white.

The truth combined with knowledge

will ultimately be the key, to the lock, that sets you free.

Self Truth …

I forgive myself.

Therefore I will let go of disappointment with kindness.

Inviting and allowing in the manifestation

of beauty and greatness instead.

With this clarity comes the realization

that my divinity still exists


runs deep.

The years of struggle and wrong choices are over.

I embrace the change.

It is –





And the new-found freedom of heart


lightness of being



So, I will journey forth

accepting all the universe offers.

I can see the light

it illuminates the possibilities


they are endless.

I promise to:

take the road less traveled –

make decisions out of love instead of fear –


do something daily that challenges my soul –

There are new, crisp, pages to write on

so let’s start now …

Healthy …

It’s my new passion.

I’ve recently learned from my nutritionist that Papaya is great for the body. Its enzymes help to improve liver function and it’s high in antioxidants.

So, it’s my favorite new (high maintenance) fruit!


The Night …

The night and I are at odds.

The darkness whispers quietly. 

And the words, although not recognizable, permeate my being. 

It’s as if I am waiting for something or someone.

An unatural feeling of anticipation seeps through my pores and yet I know not why.

Sleep eludes me.

I want to dream and be free to fly the heavens.

Yet I can not.

Suddenly, the whir of the heater and the humming of the ice box bring me out of my reverie. 

And, once again, the coolness of the early morning engulfs me.

I wonder, how does one make friends with the night?

Whispers into the past …

Lately,  I’ve longed for a time machine…

One that would whisk me back to when I was a little girl.  I want to whisper all the answers into her sweet little ear. 

Bits and pieces such as:

Don’t take the easy way as it’s rarely the best way.  Strength lies in the road less traveled.

Do not let fear stop you.  Instead, face it, validate and walk around.  Courage will be your gift.

Your body is a temple. Do not take it for granted, for it is the only one you will ever have. Listen to its call.  For if you don’t, you may one day miss out on a beautiful dream.

Have patience.  It is not only a virtue but a must in this thing called life.  Instant gratification is alluring, yet that which is worth having is worth waiting for.

Love. Love often and with deep intent.  The moment that you harden your heart sadness will be your shadow.

Others don’t matter. Be yourself, live out loud, fight back, stand your ground and be heard.

Be your own best friend.  The world contains people who will attempt to hurt, malign and betray you.  Do not think badly of yourself.  You are a lovely bit of ethereal energy, believe it.

Cherish every moment.  For in the blink of an eye life can and will change.  Remember the laughter, love and passion.  Memories will heal you.

Embrace truth for it will be your guardian.

And, always remember, you are one of a kind.  So smile, it’s beautiful thing.

Quenching The Soul…


Wetness …

It is life.

Today I stood on the sand and let the cold, salty, dark waters of the Pacific wrap around me. 

I craved its soft, cool touch.  I needed its beauty.

With each liquid and silky caress I began to feel free.  ‘

As I stood there, the salty wind whispered to me as it tangled my hair.  I didn’t try to smooth it down.  Instead I simply closed my eyes and let the elements affect me. 

The water welcomes me home. 

It is the essence of my being. 

The birth of life.




And,  when I find myself emotionally parched and brittle, I return to it.

The beginning .