Late night moments with oneself …

It’s late and I can’t sleep.

The softness of my bed is no help

instead it mocks my tired body and mind.

Check marks on invisible lists,

thoughts of new beginnings


other minutiae

keep me awake.

Lavender scented lotion,

smoothed gently into warm skin

promises relaxation –

yet here I sit.

What will tomorrow hold?

Is laughter the best medicine

for aching muscles?

Should I have papaya or banana for breakfast?

Does milk thistle really work?  Do others have trouble pronouncing thistle as well?

Is anyone thinking or dreaming of me as I write this?

Does it really matter?

When the flowers sleep do they dream of honeybees and dew?

Doesn’t it take two to Tango?

Will the soft secrets I whispered into the night find their way? Or will the leaves on the trees catch them mid-flight?

When I laugh does that mean I exist?

Is life really a bowl of cherries? And if so are they Ranier?

If I asked you what you were thinking would you tell me?

Why does a unicorn finger puppet make me smile?

Is it strange that I would rather dance with the devil than talk with an angel?

Do llamas really wear pajamas?

Should I stop thinking?

I think so …

If I write this all down will time finally stand still in my head?

Do you know?

In The Still Of The Night …

It’s finally quiet.

Oh how I love nights silence.  The pure, undiluted beauty of the universe shines through when the sky is deep black and the stars are bright. 

My mind wanders and wonders …

Why are we here?

What is desire?

Is the answer to life’s questions buried deep within our subconscious?

Why is a peach sweet and a lemon sour?

Can we exist on a daily basis without knowing exactly what it is that we need? 

Will we be shunned if we share our deepest thoughts and ideas?

When doves coo are they whispering I love you?

Am I brave enough to really find out?

If you wear your heart on your sleeve will it catch a cold?

Are kisses a form of communication?

In the end will it have all been worth it?

What will I be remembered for?

Have I made a difference?

Why don’t doctors give out lolly pops to adults?

And the beat goes on …

Morning? Really?

It’s morning and we (the royal we of course) are not amused.

Wasn’t I just awake four hours ago?

Why is my alarm so obnoxious?

How in the world am I going to make it through this day when I feel like an elephant is sitting on my head?

Thank God for Diet Coke!

What will Lulu’s doctor say this morning?

Why doesn’t gasoline pump itself? For that matter, why isn’t it free?

Is it possible to finish my Diet Coke in six minutes? The time left between now and when I shower (only five now).



Have I said thank God for Diet Coke yet?



Yep, the questions continue.

Stay tuned!

Again …



So, here I sit once again, plagued by sleeplessness.

It’s the same story only on a different night. 

A thousand thoughts fill my head, yet I can’t put my finger on just one. 

But I’ll try …

Will I be able to wake up at 5:00 am when the alarm goes off?

Will I make it to my Dr’s appointment? Or should I reschedule? Do I even really want to go to the appointment?  Should I go?

Will I remember to pack my Roc cleanser discs? If I forget will the wrinkles that I’m staving off suddenly appear? What if the stores back East don’t carry them? Will I be forced to use an inferior product?

Are the crickets singing or are they speaking with one another?

When will I feel better?

Am I making the right decisions?

Should I take a sleeping aid?

Why did Lulu get hurt? Did I give her too much medicine this evening because I couldn’t see the lines clearly?

Was Eve really sinful? Or was the fruit?

Will I ever be able to wear the new wedge heeled, brown, Mary Jane’s that I purchased some time ago?  And, why in the world is my wardrobe freakishly lacking in the color brown?  If I buy more brown will it over power the black?

Maybe I should stop writing and polish my silver jewelery. 

Do rainbows really have a connection?

What will the movie be on the flight?

Why don’t I have chocolate in the house?

If a butterfly fluttered its wings against my cheek, would it tickle?

How do I relax?

Am I just rambling?

Why in the world did I attempt to apply red nail lacquer this evening?