Summer Heat …

I knew from the very first moment

that it meant something.

I could feel my taste buds exploding

with the proverbial juices of anticipation.

My senses heightened,

as the smell of cologne,

mingling with warm male skin,

enveloped me.

Distracted moments of newness

silenced vocalization


my inner voice

began to plead

for touch.

A rich, full-bodied, Summer heat …

Lunar Pull …

I have felt somewhat restless today.

A feeling of intense anticipation is swirling just below the surface, but I know not why.

It’s as if  at any moment I might step around a corner and find just what I have waited for.

I am apt too think that the moon is the culprit. 

Its mysterious beauty shines full and bright this evening.  Begging to be honoured. 

The lunar pull is exotic and somewhat distracting. 

It feels as if an invisible line is tugging at my soul.  Attempting to gently draw it forth from my being.

And why not?

Isn’t the moon the guardian of the tides?

And, aren’t we as humans made up of  water?

I want to let go.

I wish I could lay down on the cool, sweet-smelling grass and simply melt into the earth. 

Bathed in cool white beams of light.





I want to ebb and flow like the sea.

While deciphering universal secrets.

I wonder, if I knelt and lifted my heart to the sky

Would we become one?

The Night …

The night and I are at odds.

The darkness whispers quietly. 

And the words, although not recognizable, permeate my being. 

It’s as if I am waiting for something or someone.

An unatural feeling of anticipation seeps through my pores and yet I know not why.

Sleep eludes me.

I want to dream and be free to fly the heavens.

Yet I can not.

Suddenly, the whir of the heater and the humming of the ice box bring me out of my reverie. 

And, once again, the coolness of the early morning engulfs me.

I wonder, how does one make friends with the night?