Pieces of life …

I’ve begun to pack away bits of life

Crystal pretties – ducks and bunnies

Voodoo dolls

Shells with memories

Artwork saturated with sweetness

A pink memory book that holds one finished page

but is littered with notes, receipts and sparkly pieces,

that still wait to be fastened.

Wanting to belong.

Yet somehow knowing they never will.

A dried flower falls softly to the ground – undone from its hidden place..

Books with earmarked pages

all gently wrapped  and placed in green bubbles and brown cardboard.

One soul defined –


heart remembered –



not forgotten.



I am willing to do anything.  Anything, that is, that will keep me from studying. 

First, a sock drawer cleaned. 

Then there was the mid afternoon fruit water break (shared with Lulu The Princess Bean)

Then of course the requisite walk for Lulu (which was a bit longer than normal). 

I believe now that I need to run an errand.  What this errand is will remain a mystery (I suppose) until I’m in my car and heading in that direction (whichever direction I feel I should go).



Uh huh.