Gratitude Day 6 …




Today I am grateful for my freedom.

I am thankful for:

the ability to choose how my life is lived and with whom I live it.

I am grateful for freedom of speech and the ability to gather and demonstrate.

I am thrilled that I alone have rights over my body.

So, on this sixth day of gratitude I am ever so grateful to live in a country replete with bounty and possibilities.

Roller Coaster or Merry Go Round?

What do you prefer to ride in life?
 If it’s the rollercoaster there are highs, lows, thrills and chills and sometimes spills but at least it’s something. 
Merry Go Rounds are pretty and quite whimsical but they are also steady, never-changing and ever so safe. 
Now and then I wonder if safe is the way to go.  I have had my share of sadness, hurt and disappointment.  Truth be told the thought of experiencing those things again makes me physically cringe. 
But I wonder what is the “cost” of being safe? 
Is the price too high?

Life Paths…

Do you think that the choices we make in life are our destiny?

Do you believe that we actually walk this life with others?

Do you ever wonder what might have been if you’d taken a different path? Chosen a different love? Turned left instead of right?

Do you think that we learn from the choices that we have made?

Is that what life is?

A series of turns and twists (as if a puzzle) that teach us about ourselves, others and the world around us?  But what do we really learn?

Do we have control of the wheel or is it all left to fate? 

I have walked a spiritual path looking for enlightenment and all I find lately are questions. 

Will I be happy (strangely I hear Doris Day singing in my head)?

When I am, will I know it?

Will I make the right choices to find the fulfillment that I desire.

Is there such a thing as fulfillment or are we  simply deluding ourselves so that we may forge through another day?

Do you ever wonder who you are?

Do you ever look in the mirror and not recognize the face that stares back at you?

Sometimes, I feel as if I need to introduce myself to me.  Yet at times the essence of an old soul shines through and I feel comforted and known. 

But am I truly known?  Or am I simply alone, even though surrounded by others who claim to know me . 

Do you know?