Gratitude Day 6 …




Today I am grateful for my freedom.

I am thankful for:

the ability to choose how my life is lived and with whom I live it.

I am grateful for freedom of speech and the ability to gather and demonstrate.

I am thrilled that I alone have rights over my body.

So, on this sixth day of gratitude I am ever so grateful to live in a country replete with bounty and possibilities.

Gratitude Day One …

My mind is saturated.





They all course through my brain.  Filling the crevices until they over flow like a soggy sponge.

It’s at times like this that it’s essential to cleanse my palate.  Not the taste buds on my tongue. Instead I speak of the ones in my head.

I have a beautiful bell.

It is in the shape of a sparrow, formed from copper.

It hangs in my kitchen.

It is here, not in a bowl of sherbert, that I find the cleansing I seek.

Gently I tap the bell.

Then I close my eyes and allow its clear, crisp and somewhat haunting chime to free me.

Within those short moments all I know is peace.

It’s as if I am a child again and the recess bell has rung.  At such a time one is unable to think of anything other than pure detachment.

The chime reminds that I must live in the moment.

It’s so easy to become mired down in yesterday’s woes and tomorrow’s worries that we forget about today.

The here and now.

This beautiful bell reminds me to breathe and smile.

And for that, I am truly grateful.