Eastern Heat …

It’s hot ..

The air is thick and pulsates with life.

One almost expects primordial ooze to begin flowing from the cracks in the sizzling pavement.

There is a damp, somewhat earthy scent to the air.

It’s as if the earths core energy has been released.

And, with each breath you take, you inhale bits of Ra’s soul.

I struggle to free myself from the Gods grasp

so that I may return once again to the cool, dark, deliciousness of inside.

Where the ever-present hum of whirred, cool air, offers blessed sanctuary and release.

6 Stories of glory (otherwise known as Jesus calls a touch down)!

Big 'J' Calls Touch Down (and the game is over)!


I believe that Jesus burning could possibly be interpreted as the first sign of impending doom (aka apocalypse).

When I first read this story I was immediately struck by it’s unending hilarity.

Seriously? Jesus burns?

Then I thought, is this akin to the burning bush? Will we all soon know more?

My bet is that there are hundreds of thousands of individuals currently preparing for the rapture. I imagine women all over the world, simply crossing things off of their *to do* list.  Grocery shop?  No, why? I’ll soon be floating up to the heavens, so I believe I’ll leave the food to the heathens below.

But seriously folks, I’m not the most religious individual, although I am quite spiritual (yes, there’s a difference).

My thought is this:

Instead of raising money to rebuild this monument (as the church has stated it will), why not use the $400,000 or so needed to clothe, feed and shelter those who are truly unfortunate.

I would garner a guess that there are at least a few thousand in their parish alone that could use a bit of help, compassion, shoes, a warm meal (or two or dozen) and a bit of kindness (in the name of Jesus of course).

Jesus, by all accounts, was a man who preferred to give instead of take. Who (I believe) would abhor a statue in his likeness.

Idolatry is frowned upon more than just a little.

Think Moses coming down from the mountain to find a golden idol.  Shouldn’t these individuals be practicing what they preach?

Sadly I believe it’s just another case of *let’s skew our religion to our own needs and views*.

Am I surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes, surprisingly so.

So in closing I say:

Peace be with you!