Happiness is …

an iced decaf latte

warm sunshine

a pups smile


Wen hair (no, really, it is)

new beginnings

loving my body

sweet – juicy – organic pears

a long walk  …

(for starters)

Life is lovely.

A new day …

Today is new and open to delight!

Smile, it’s good for the soul.

Be gentle to yourself and others.

Give before taking.

Know yourself before you ask another who they are.

Be patient.

Move your body


open your mind.

It’s time to let it all in!

Changes …

I feel expectant.

So much is rapidly changing (in my life) and I am literally holding on to the safety bar until the ride slows down.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all rather grand! But there’s so much to do and be.

I am in the midst of boxing up my current home.

I am not moving until the end of May, but I am starting to relinquish the unnecessary now.

I believe I would rather live in a home filled with neatly stacked boxes, than be left to do everything at the end.

The boxes also remind me that I am leaving behind a place that dislike (both locale and emotionally).

I am moving forward into a life of physical health, spiritual peace and heart happiness.

I started my journey a few months ago, beginning with my physical health.

I no longer eat sugar, processed foods or red meat.  I have inserted organic when possible and won’t put a morsel into my mouth without knowing exactly what’s in it.  Now, lest you think this is an easy feat, it is not!

Quite the contrary.

But it has truly become much easier …

Spiritual happiness begins with meditation.

I find it’s one of the most balancing things I do.

When one is floating in a space between the walls of life one manages to let go of perpetual thoughts, negativity and unsavory feelings.

When you keep all of this bottled inside you’re bound to feel the effects, both physically and mentally.

Whenever I spend time centering myself I am left feeling as if I am in the palm of the universe.  Centered and cushioned from angst, doubt and fear.

As for the heart, surprisingly, it’s much more resilient than we think.

It seems that no matter how bruised it may become, this beating red mass regenerates, bit by bit.

With each breath, this life – love giving muscle mends the fissures and becomes stronger and so much wiser.

With that said, the heart never forgets.  Instead, it simply chooses to remember that which is beautiful. Sealing the beauty within each crack as they heal.

Letting go of the pain is necessary to move forward.

Excitement abounds about the future.

If you want happiness you must rewrite your story.

Start now and let life happen.

Take the path less traveled and let go.

Trust in a power that is higher than you.

Be brave.



And, enjoy the journey .

A Soulful Bowl …



Call me silly but I find something spiritual about chinese soup. 

It’s soulful food.

My bowl is a treasure trove of colorful beauty and texture.  It feels ‘real’ to me and it’s warmth somehow soothes my soul this evening.

I’ve been thinking lately about changing the way I eat.  In the sense that I would like to cut out things that aren’t natural. 

They say that if your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, don’t eat it. 

I have also tried to go organic as much as possible.  I delight in the way organic food looks.  No shellac coating  to make it shiny, or chemicals to mar the health value.  Instead, lovely pure color and texture that elicits thoughts of the earth. 

I believe that if we started eating for the soul (i.e. organic, fresh, humanely slaughtered, less refined), there would be less illness in the world.  And, happier people. 

When my food arrived a bit ago I was hungry and ready to eat.  But, instead of consuming without thought I took the time to savor each delicious spoonful.  I let my taste buds thrill in each bite.  I allowed my senses to take over.   It wasn’t just sustenance, it was love.

 And, isn’t this the way it was meant to be?