Tis the season …

Too wrap your pup in Christmas lights.

But in all seriousness, this Christmas I wanted a lover to share it with.  And, although that’s not in the cards, I realized that I still have an abundance of sweet love.

A puppy soul mate, Lulu the Princess Bean.

Fa La La La Laa!

Sometimes …

Sometimes the enormity of life, its lessons, sad moments, desires, wishes and realities just hits you. Somewhat like a pie in the face. And, when that happens there are many emotional responses.

Sadness. Finality. Rationalization. Grief. Existentialism. Hope.

It’s important to validate every salt filled liquid feeling that has drenched your soul.

You have earned the intensity.

But remember when the internalized storm has passed that the hope prevails.

Cling to it as if it were a life raft.

Don’t let go, for the harder you hold on the more it embeds itself into your being.

So tonight, although feeling somewhat lost in the swells, I see the hope manifesting itself as beautiful clouds floating above me.  Preparing to release bits of fluffy joy laden rain onto my lips and eyelids.

I remain ever grateful.

for my life. love of family. sweet puppy cuddles. friends and a bountiful future.

Hallelujah she exclaimed!

Gratitude day 5 …


It’s not just a colour but a feeling.

It’s happy, girl like and at times quite sparkly (or it simply elicits a feeling of sparkliness).

While out and about this evening I ran across an entire area devoted too the pink and precious.   One item in particular caught my attention: it was a pink ceramic poodle.  Why did it catch my attention? Because when I was very young my mother bought me a ‘sick prize’.  This was a gift given only when I or my sister had been under the weather.  One day after one illness or another my mother and I found ourselves in Swenson’s Ice Cream Parlour. And, in the midst of all the wonderful sweets and sparkling treasures I found mine – a small ceramic poodle that I named ‘Pink Puppy’.  To this day Pink Puppy resides not only in my heart but in my treasure box as well.  So, in honour of day 5’s moment of gratitude, I am grateful for all things pink, pretty, sparkly and somewhat princessy.  And of course, the memories of childhood, sweetness and delight.

All hail the p.i.n.k.

Gratitude – Day 1



I am grateful every day for the love of my Lulu. From the moment we laid eyes upon each other 9 years ago, I knew we were kindred spirits. She has been my silver lining and my heart. We are co-dependent and symbiotic, but ever so happy this way.

So, on this first day of Thanksgiving, I choose to share pure love.

Behold, HRH Lulu The Princess Bean.

A bit of giving …

I met a homeless man and his puppy yesterday.

The pup was precious.  Big paws and brown eyes.

I had stopped to find my cell phone (which had fallen underneath the passenger seat) and the sweet beast greeted me when I opened my door.

It was a chilly morning and I noticed that the man was wearing a back pack and had only one thin blanket over his shoulders.  I imagined them working to keep each other warm in the night and my heart simply broke.

I immediately realized that I had a few dog provisions in the car.

First, my Lulu’s coat.

It is pink and white and it’s been with us for years.

But at that moment, I realized the most important thing was that the little puppy have it.  I pulled it out of the back and walked up to the man.  He was so thrilled.  I worried about the colors (because the pup was male),  but he said “the colors don’t matter, it will definitely keep him warm”.

I then went back to the car and found a couple of bones and a sweet little toy.

When I returned to the curb, the puppy was warm and cozy and seemed so happy.

He saw the bones in my hand and was thrilled.

When I left them, bear cub (the puppy) was happily chewing a bone and the man had gone into the store to get coffee with a few dollars I had given him.

As I pulled away, I realized that it’s when we step out of ourselves – our worries and our ego’s, that it is possible to truly be happy.

Love is in the giving and in the knowledge that you just may have made a difference in someone’s life no matter how small.

Gratitude Day Three …

Lulu is my saving grace.

She is a small, sweet and brindled beast and I love her (Sorry if this sounds a bit like a line from a Beatles tune).

We are not only co-dependent but symbiotic as well!

Sometimes I wish I it was possible to bottle the way it feels when she curls up behind my knees every night.

If only I could.

Then no matter what life holds I would always feel the sweet warmth that she brings to my being.

The feeling of contentment.

The heart enlarging beauty that is pure love.

When I am sad she kisses my face.

When I am happy she sings with me.

When I am weary we rest.

Her cold wet nose, milk chocolate eyes, little black lips and sweet snaggle tooth remind me daily that I am beautiful.

But most importantly she reminds me that I am loved.

For this and her I am eternally grateful.