A Summer Night …

It’s quiet.

The only sounds I hear are the chirping of the crickets night song and the roar of thunder.

Suddenly, as if the universe knows my hearts desire the rain has begun to fall steadily.

It’s music to my soul.

The hot, sultry day has turned into a cool, rain saturated evening.

It’s late and I should be sleeping, but the sirens call is intense and pulls me from my bed.

There’s something so magical about Summer nights.

They lead my imagination astray to romantic rendezvous, long forgotten lands and castles.

I am alone, yet the Earths tendrils wrap gently about my being, lulling me into a feeling of oneness with all.

A serendipity of entangled spirits.

Blessed peace


centered alignment

found in the recesses of the night.

Eastern Heat …

It’s hot ..

The air is thick and pulsates with life.

One almost expects primordial ooze to begin flowing from the cracks in the sizzling pavement.

There is a damp, somewhat earthy scent to the air.

It’s as if the earths core energy has been released.

And, with each breath you take, you inhale bits of Ra’s soul.

I struggle to free myself from the Gods grasp

so that I may return once again to the cool, dark, deliciousness of inside.

Where the ever-present hum of whirred, cool air, offers blessed sanctuary and release.

Summer Heat …

I knew from the very first moment

that it meant something.

I could feel my taste buds exploding

with the proverbial juices of anticipation.

My senses heightened,

as the smell of cologne,

mingling with warm male skin,

enveloped me.

Distracted moments of newness

silenced vocalization


my inner voice

began to plead

for touch.

A rich, full-bodied, Summer heat …

Sentimentality …

Sentimental pieces.

An unsent card –

receipts –


dancing ballerina –

memories of moments shared.

I don’t know what to do with them all.

Currently they reside in a neat pile

next to pink leather.

Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like

to be heartless.

Without the inclination to keep happy – Summer windswept bits.

But if I was, would I be the same?

Not likely.

In the place of warmth


frosty maiden.

Cool and controlled.

In the next life?

Perhaps …

My father …

I miss my father.

I’ve been thinking of him lately.

It’s odd really.

I have wondered recently what it would be like to talk to him about relationships and guys.

Strangely, we never did when I was growing up.

And now that he’s gone, it’s something I find I would really like to discuss.

Well that and the fascination that people have with football.

You see, my father loved the sport.  So much so that when I was growing up, my mother made him promise to spend one day a weekend with the family.  You may not think this would be much of a hardship, however to my father it was like being asked to donate an organ on a weekly basis.

I imagine that today would have made him very happy.  Even though his beloved 49er’s weren’t in the game.

It’s at times like this that I wish I could see his handsome face light up with child like excitement once more.

Michael (my father) loved life, holidays, Summer time, BBQ’s and so many other special things.

I realize that I am just 6 years younger than he was at his death.

He was much too young.

Alas …

Todays Longing…

The day is hot and slow. 

I’m longing to be away from it all. 

Someplace where the earth is a red clay. 

Where the smell of sweet grass is strong and the heat is dry and saturating. 

I want to see  wild flowers.

And, watch horses graze  in a pasture.

I want to know that when evening falls, all I’ll see is darkness. 

No outside world to disturb the quiet. 

I want to wake early and watch deer grazing in the dewy field and once again know the beauty of simple. ..




I just bit into the juiciest nectarine I have ever encountered.

It was plump, enticing and tantalized my taste buds before they had even sampled it.

The sweetness immediately intoxicated me and elicited little sighs of pleasure. 

Delightfully  fragrant and somewhat sticky juice, slowly dripped from the ripe fruit. 

At that moment all I knew was pure bliss. 

How could something so simple be so life affirming?

Should God really have punished Eve for taking a taste? 

Shouldn’t we all (taste life)?

 It was as if I suddenly knew all the beauty the world held. 

Simple, unadulterated joy. 

Brought forth by a piece of fruit? 

Have I lost my mind?

Is life so provincial?

No, I don’t think so.

I believe that  my heart was open and briefly unencumbered.  So much so that I was able to truly experience the beauty of the moment. 

A few seconds of something simple yet ever so complex.