Sentimentality …

Sentimental pieces.

An unsent card –

receipts –


dancing ballerina –

memories of moments shared.

I don’t know what to do with them all.

Currently they reside in a neat pile

next to pink leather.

Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like

to be heartless.

Without the inclination to keep happy – Summer windswept bits.

But if I was, would I be the same?

Not likely.

In the place of warmth


frosty maiden.

Cool and controlled.

In the next life?

Perhaps …

Lovers past …

Thank you for the lovely times.

Moments of breathless intimacy


beautiful touch.

All of the hours spent speaking, laughing and sharing moved me.

Bits of humour known only to the two of us will linger within my cells.

Our souls collided for a reason. Whether we understand why or not.

Lessons learned

sweetness cultivated


kisses exchanged.

Warm heaven –

soft and delicious.

Imprints stored within the heart

now unframed yet still matted

surrounded by beating warmth.


But not forgotten.

Journey’s end …

Have you ever just felt happy?

For no apparent reason?

There is a feeling of warmth that permeates me at times.

It bubbles up from deep within.

A natural spring of joy and peace that saturates me.

Maybe it’s knowing that I can attempt to bring beauty into a new day.

A brand new canvas with nothing but endless possibilities.

Today was one of those days.

A rather regular day – without fanfare.

But special in the sense that I *felt* alive.

All too often we lose our way.

Focusing only on the outcome of life.

When in reality, what is truly important, are the seconds, minutes and hours and how we fill them.

So instead of making it about the end result I have chosen to be present for the journey.

Because in the end, it’s the uncharted moments that may truly mean the most.

When the spell breaks …

Oh how I wish that spells were never broken.

There’s something so spiritual about being with another while under a beautiful veil.



No one else exists.

Breathless moments of intensity.

Words shared while leaning forward, hoping to simply become a part of another’s space.

Wishing that time would stand still.

I want to press my cheek against warm skin and simply be in that moment.


But spells become broken and the coldness seeps in to dispel the fragrant warmth …

Gratitude Day Three …

Lulu is my saving grace.

She is a small, sweet and brindled beast and I love her (Sorry if this sounds a bit like a line from a Beatles tune).

We are not only co-dependent but symbiotic as well!

Sometimes I wish I it was possible to bottle the way it feels when she curls up behind my knees every night.

If only I could.

Then no matter what life holds I would always feel the sweet warmth that she brings to my being.

The feeling of contentment.

The heart enlarging beauty that is pure love.

When I am sad she kisses my face.

When I am happy she sings with me.

When I am weary we rest.

Her cold wet nose, milk chocolate eyes, little black lips and sweet snaggle tooth remind me daily that I am beautiful.

But most importantly she reminds me that I am loved.

For this and her I am eternally grateful.

A Soulful Bowl …



Call me silly but I find something spiritual about chinese soup. 

It’s soulful food.

My bowl is a treasure trove of colorful beauty and texture.  It feels ‘real’ to me and it’s warmth somehow soothes my soul this evening.

I’ve been thinking lately about changing the way I eat.  In the sense that I would like to cut out things that aren’t natural. 

They say that if your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, don’t eat it. 

I have also tried to go organic as much as possible.  I delight in the way organic food looks.  No shellac coating  to make it shiny, or chemicals to mar the health value.  Instead, lovely pure color and texture that elicits thoughts of the earth. 

I believe that if we started eating for the soul (i.e. organic, fresh, humanely slaughtered, less refined), there would be less illness in the world.  And, happier people. 

When my food arrived a bit ago I was hungry and ready to eat.  But, instead of consuming without thought I took the time to savor each delicious spoonful.  I let my taste buds thrill in each bite.  I allowed my senses to take over.   It wasn’t just sustenance, it was love.

 And, isn’t this the way it was meant to be?