Watermelon Moments …

The air on the East Coast feels alive tonight. 
The humidity is like quicksand, hot, heavy, damp and dangerously devious. It is thick and touchable. Tangible..
The watermelon that I ate this evening was crisp, light, cold and delectable. 

With each bite I felt a smile work its way across my moist and slightly sticky lips.

How is it possible that something so slight and insignificant as a melon could impart such a feeling in a rather ordinary evening?

But then I wonder, is the melon truly insignificant?

 Isn’t every breath we take made up of milliseconds and moments that become a memory?

Will I always remember this evenings watermelon?

More than likely yes. 


Because it was tantalizing in its own, pink, sweet, juicy way.

Just like life!