Sentimentality …

Sentimental pieces.

An unsent card –

receipts –


dancing ballerina –

memories of moments shared.

I don’t know what to do with them all.

Currently they reside in a neat pile

next to pink leather.

Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like

to be heartless.

Without the inclination to keep happy – Summer windswept bits.

But if I was, would I be the same?

Not likely.

In the place of warmth


frosty maiden.

Cool and controlled.

In the next life?

Perhaps …

In a moment …

Seasons change, days disappear and hours tick by.

And, with each moment I feel more adrift. 

It’s as if all that I once knew is now simply a faded dream. 

I’m afraid. 

Of change. 

The unknown. 



So many things.

I miss my best friend. Car dancing.  Eating al fresco.  Silly Summertime antics by and in the pool.  Sun saturated skin.  Delicious martinis.  Super blonde streaked hair and the smell of roses in the morning…

I want to feel grounded. 

Where is my center?

Where did it go?

What cosmic – gravitational pull set me into this spin?

Will I ever know? 

Is it even important anymore? 

Shouldn’t I simply put it all aside and start fresh?  Out with the old and in with the new?

But hey, I’ve never really been that great with this thing called ‘change’…

Have you?

In The Still Of The Night …

It’s finally quiet.

Oh how I love nights silence.  The pure, undiluted beauty of the universe shines through when the sky is deep black and the stars are bright. 

My mind wanders and wonders …

Why are we here?

What is desire?

Is the answer to life’s questions buried deep within our subconscious?

Why is a peach sweet and a lemon sour?

Can we exist on a daily basis without knowing exactly what it is that we need? 

Will we be shunned if we share our deepest thoughts and ideas?

When doves coo are they whispering I love you?

Am I brave enough to really find out?

If you wear your heart on your sleeve will it catch a cold?

Are kisses a form of communication?

In the end will it have all been worth it?

What will I be remembered for?

Have I made a difference?

Why don’t doctors give out lolly pops to adults?

And the beat goes on …