Waiting For The Zsa Zsa Zou …

December 31, 2013

It’s inevitable I suppose that I should write a musing about myself.

Since I was a youngster I’ve been drawn to the written word.

A voracious reader.

An observer of life and all the feelings that go hand in hand with living.

I even went so far as to carry around a small tape recorder so that I could transcribed my “notes” into my journal later.

Although I am reluctant to admit it, I see and experience life rather intensely and I am somewhat quiet about it all…save a few musings from time to time.

Am I a contradiction wrapped up in an anomaly? Perhaps.

A form of expression for me, is the written word.

I initially began this blog as an outlet for myself.

I realize this might seem a bit contradicting or counter intuitive since I choose to post it on the Internet, but, I am quite surprised and in all honesty, pleased, that I am seemingly able to create a visceral experience for a few other people as well.

Thank you for reading Candy Coated Musings…

With A Twist Of Cinnamon

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